A Career for Planners, Strategists and Figure-it-outers

August 5, 2020
11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Virtual Zoom Meeting

Research Development: A Career for Planners, Strategists and Figure-it-outers


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Two roads diverged after a postdoc, and we took the one non-traditionally traveled. Research development professionals (RDP), like the ones on this panel, make team science happen by guiding scientists through the process of idea generation, building collaborations, identifying relevant funding sources, preparing (e.g., writing, critiquing, peer reviewing, editing, and project managing) grant applications, assisting with successful execution of research projects, completing grant terms, and preparing progress reports and manuscripts. We teach, present workshops and seminars, and spearhead strategic initiatives at the institutional level to hone research competitiveness in an increasingly tight market. Postdoctoral training confers effective and highly transferable skills that make postdocs valuable as RDP candidates. The National Organization of Research Development Professionals (NORDP) wants to improve the visibility of RD as a viable, rewarding career, NORDP started ten years ago as a grassroots organization and has grown into a 1000-member strong community committed to supporting its members, providing training and resources, sharing ideas, organizing peer mentoring and addressing the need for diversity with this emerging profession. In this presentation, three former postdocs who transferred to a RD career will share their knowledge, experiences and the unique challenges that each faced during their transition to help interested postdocs learn how to navigate this less well-known career path.