Register for Courses with ESL Programs

August 15, 2019 to November 21, 2019
3:00 pm

Learn English While You Complete Your Postdoc

Are you looking to develop your English language skills? Planning to take an ESL Programs course in writing or speaking for a variety of audiences? Don’t forget to complete your registration for the course! Click here to connect to the registration page. (Here is more information about your Postdoctoral Tuition Benefit and How to Enroll. This is not a set event, but a reminder ahead of the semester registration deadline.)

If you aren’t sure which course is the right one for you, make sure that you schedule an appointment with Dr. Haley Dolosic, Coordinator and Instructor for ESL Programs. She’ll make sure that you find the best course for your needs, interest, and schedule.

Haley N. Dolosic, PhD
Coordinator & Instructor for ESL Programs
University College | Washington University in St. Louis
314-935-2651 |