Events / SmartSkills: Thriving as an International Postdoc in the US

SmartSkills: Thriving as an International Postdoc in the US

August 23, 2022
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Virtual Zoom Meeting

Thriving as a postdoc in today’s competitive climate is tenuous. International postdocs in the United States may face additional challenges due to a lack of clarity of expectations (hidden curriculum) and disadvantages due to marginalization posed by intersectional factors (immigration, socio-economic factors, etc.). In this workshop, we will introduce a framework for thriving as international postdocs. This framework will provide approaches for seeking information, resources, mentorship, and communities of support to identify and achieve professional and personal goals.

After this workshop, international postdocs will be able to:

  • Appreciate how intersections of identities influence their experience
  • Identify challenges that they may experience
  • Utilize a framework of approaches for thriving
  • Cultivate communities of support and mentoring to achieve diverse goals

Speakers: Natalie Chernets, Ph.D.,, director of postdoctoral affairs & professional development, associate director, MD/Ph.D. program, assistant professor, College of Medicine, Drexel University, Drexel University; Olga Koutseridi, M.A.,, senior advanced degree coordinator for global mobility, University of Texas at Austin; and, Sonali Majumdar, Ph.D., assistant dean for professional development, Graduate School, Princeton University

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