Pop-Up Mentoring is a one-time, no-strings-attached mentoring session that gives interested WashU postdocs a chance to have a chat with a mentor outside of their official support system.

Pop-Up Mentoring topics are designed to avoid discipline-specific or research-related questions, instead focusing on other types of discussions of interest for scholars (e.g., work-life integration, non-academic careers, LGBTQ+ in academia, being international, etc.).

Mentees and mentors will be matched in advance based on shared interests. Once paired, they only need to show up at the session to discuss the mentee’s questions. No advance preparation or follow up is needed.

Who can participate?

WashU postdocs from all disciplines are invited to register as mentees. Postdoc mentees will have the chance to meet with someone outside their regular network and gain additional perspectives and insights, particularly around topics that may be more difficult to discuss within their current mentoring circle.

Current and former WashU faculty and academic administrators as well as former WashU postdocs are invited to register as mentors. Participating mentors will have the chance to broaden their own mentoring circle, to get in touch with the issues affecting current WashU postdocs in different disciplines, and to give back to the WashU postdoctoral community.

Register here for the Fall 2022 event.