Adam Eggebrecht, PhD

Associate Professor, Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology


Our diverse and interdisciplinary Brain Light Laboratory develops and applies optical methods called high-density diffuse optical tomography for assessing human brain health and function. We develop next generation advancements in hardware and algorithms to obtain higher reliability and image quality. We are currently focused on applications in childhood development, including measuring brain function concurrently with natural behavior in autistic and neurotypical children, as well as point-of-care bedside assessment of brain health in acute care settings in children with congenital heart disease. We also develop and disseminate computational tools for modeling, processing, and analyses of optical data.

Research keywords: optical; neuroscience; human

Basic information

Mentoring statement:Find it here.
Some former postdocs’ career outcomes:Dr. Muriah Wheelock was a postdoc in the lab who is currently and Assistant Professor of Radiology at MIR in the NIL.

Postdoc openings within the next year

Number of postdoc positions:2
Postdoc eligibility:U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents
Current Visa-Holding Trainees in the U.S.
International Trainees Outside the U.S.