Celia Santi, MD, PhD

Associate Professor, Obstetrics & Gynecology

Research in my lab is focused on the molecular mechanisms involved in sperm fertility capacity. We are interested in understanding the causes of male unexplained infertility. Other line of research involve the development of non hormonal female and male contraceptives.

Research keywords: sperm physiology; male fertility; contraception

Basic information

Mentoring statement:Not provided.
Some former postdocs’ career outcomes:Two of my postdoctoral trainees have now independent positions as Associate professors, one in Mexico and another in Brussels. During their period in the lab, they authors numerous publications. In addition my third postdoctoral trainee has secured a teaching position for PhD students in Mexico, while my fourth postdoctoral trainee currently serves as a lab manger at an in vitro fertilization clinic in Germany. During their time in the lab , both of them contributes significantly to the publication record with several authored papers.

Postdoc openings within the next year

Number of postdoc positions:1
Postdoc eligibility:U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents
Current Visa-Holding Trainees in the U.S.
International Trainees Outside the U.S.