Colin Nichols, PhD

Carl Cori Professor, Cell Biology

Research in my laboratory is focused on the biology of ion channels. We develop, introduce and use a wide range of molecular biological and biophysical approaches, as well as in vivo gene manipulation to address questions in proteins, cells and animals, and now in humans. These efforts are leading us to detailed understanding of both molecular mechanisms of channel activity, and roles of ion channels in multiple disease processes including diabetes, heart failure, pulmonary disease and epilepsy.

Research keywords: Ion channels; Excitability; Disease

Basic information

Mentoring statement:Not provided.
Some former postdocs’ career outcomes:I have very extensive experience at mentoring junior colleagues from high school to faculty level, with many former trainees having gone on the PhD or MD training, or to post-doctoral positions and to faculty positions at the highest level research institutions throughout the world.

Postdoc openings within the next year

Number of postdoc positions:3+
Postdoc eligibility:U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents
Current Visa-Holding Trainees in the U.S.
International Trainees Outside the U.S.