David Gutmann, MD, PhD

Donald O. Schnuck Family Professor, Neurology

The Gutmann laboratory aims to discover the genomic, genetic, cellular and molecular determinants that cause brain dysfunction by leveraging novel genetically engineered mice, human induced pluripotent stem cells, bioinformatic approaches, and multi-omic analysis methodologies. We use the neurogenetic syndrome, neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1), in which affected people develop brain and nerve tumors, as well as attention deficit and autism. Specifically, we study (1) the cellular origins of tumors, (2) immune regulation of cancer, (3) the impact of germline genetics on disease heterogeneity, (4) neuronal control of tumor biology, and (5) the mechanisms underlying cell type-specific, brain region-distinct signaling pathway diversity.

Research keywords: cancer neuroscience; cancer immunology; cancer modeling

Basic information

Mentoring statement:Not provided.
Some former postdocs’ career outcomes:All of my fellows have pursued careers in research, either in academics, industry, or consulting.
Other info:https://nfcenter.wustl.edu

Postdoc openings within the next year

Number of postdoc positions:3+
Postdoc eligibility:U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents
Current Visa-Holding Trainees in the U.S.
International Trainees Outside the U.S.