David Hunstad, MD

Professor, Pediatrics

The lab focuses on interactions of pathogenic Gram-negative bacteria with their hosts, using urinary tract infection (UTI) as our primary model. We also investigate modulation of host immune responses by uropathogenic bacteria, and the influence of sex on UTI pathogenesis. For example, we have used new mouse models of UTI to identify the first kidney epithelial receptor for type 1 pili of uropathogenic E. coli (UPEC), and to define how androgen receptor signaling drives increased severity of UTI. These molecular and cellular mechanisms are now being investigated with flow cytometry, snRNAseq, CRISPR and other techniques.

Research keywords: Bacterial pathogenesis; Immunology; Urinary tract infections

Basic information

Mentoring statement:Not provided.
Some former postdocs’ career outcomes:I have trained 8 prior postdocs, who have gone on to careers in academics (including PIs) and industry.

Postdoc openings within the next year

Number of postdoc positions:1
Postdoc eligibility:U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents
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