Nathan Stitziel, MD, PhD

Professor, Medicine

The Stitziel Lab studies mechanisms underlying cardiovascular disease. We use genetic approaches to identify genes and pathways associated with human disease and then employ animal and cellular models to demonstrate causality and understand mechanisms. Current work includes: 1) SVEP1 which we a) discovered as a novel extracellular matrix protein that causally promotes cardiometabolic disease in humans (Jung et al, Sci Trans Med, 2021) and b) discovered its receptor PEAR1 (Elenbaas et al, Nature Comm 2023). 2) ANGPTL3 which we discovered as a novel regulator of intracellular lipoprotein assembly (Burks et al, under review) 3) Ongoing gene mapping studies

Research keywords: Vascular biology; Lipoprotein metabolism; Human genetics

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