Priyanka Verma, PhD

Assistant Professor, Medicine

We are intrigued with the conundrum that while DNA replication and repair are essential for viability, cancer cells with defects in these pathways evolve mechanisms to ensure rapid proliferation. Unravelling this mystery offers possibilities to understand mechanisms that lead to genomic instability and identify vulnerabilities that can catalyze the development of improved therapeutic regimens. Ongoing projects in the lab includes: • Improve chemotherapeutic responses in BRCA-mutant cancers • Elucidate the etiology of oncogene-high ovarian cancers • Deciphering the mechanistic basis of mutational signatures in cancer genomes Key approaches: Several functional genomic approaches including CRISPR genetic screens and cell biology

Research keywords: DNA repair and replication; Ovarian and Breast Cancer; Oncogene and Tumor Suppressor

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