Russell Pachynski, MD

Associate Professor, Medicine

My lab focuses broadly on the leukocyte migration (or trafficking) in the setting of tumor immunology. We have been working on a novel leukocyte chemoattractant protein, chemerin. Our ongoing work will continue to further define the mechanisms by which chemerin mediates its anti-tumor effect, and ultimately we hope to translate this into a first in class immunotherapeutic that could augment leukocyte trafficking to sites of tumor in humans. We have recently received a patent for our tumor targeted immunotherapy and are translating this into the clinic and will work on the first in human clinical trial. As a Physician-Scientist who sees and treats patients with genitourinary malignancies, I have been able to establish a robust human tissue bank and thus another focus in the lab is on translational studies of human prostate cancer tissues using advances multi-omic methods such as single cell RNAseq and multiplexed imaging modalities.

Research keywords: tumor immunology; prostate cancer; leukocyte trafficking

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