Sheila Stewart, PhD

Professor, Cell Biology & Physiology

We aim to understand how age-related changes in the tumor microenvironment impact tumorigenesis. We’ve shown that aged stromal cells, similar to cancer associated fibroblasts, express p38MAPK/MK2-dependent pro-tumorigenic factors and we’ve developed murine models to explore the role senescent stromal cells play in the preneoplastic and premetastatic niches. Through this work we’ve focused on how inhibition of the p38/MK2 pathway can make metastatic disease susceptible to immunotherapy. More recently, we’ve begun to explore how some of these same changes contribute to therapy-induced comorbidities. The laboratory also examines how age-related changes in the premetastatic niche facilitate tumor cell seeding, dormancy and outgrowth.

Research keywords: senescence; breast cancer; metastasis

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