1. On ucollege.wustl.edu, navigate to Course Registration.
  2. Select the appropriate semester [FL-Fall, SP-Spring, SU-Summer] from the menu in the top left.
  3. If desired, select a department from the drop down menu.
  4. Click Search.
  5. A list of all courses for that semester will appear. Open courses will have an “add” button on the left side.
  6. Click on the course name to get a full description, plus room location, day, time, and instructor.
  7. If you decide on a course, click on “add,” and you will get to a confirmation screen.
  8. Select “credit” as the grade option and click “Confirm” to confirm the course.
  9. When you are finished adding your courses, click the checkout button on the upper right of the red bar.
  10. If you are a new student, enter your social security number. If you are a returning student, enter your six-digit student ID and your PIN. New students will be taken to a demographic page to complete the needed information for registration, then to an in-depth registration page, where you will indicate a payment method. Existing students using a PIN will bypass the demographic pages and go directly to the payment method page.
    NOTE: Repeated failed attempts to enter numbers or PINs will cause the system to “lock up” for security reasons, and you will not be able to register until the next day.
  11. Payment & Registration pages: Follow each step, making sure to click “Continue Checkout” after each step is complete.
    Step 1: Review or enter your address. Click “Continue Checkout”
    Step 2: Select how you want to pay. Click “WU Benefit Plans”
    Step 3: IMPORTANT: Enter payment method.
    Select “Postdoctoral Appointees,” read the disclaimer and check “I agree,” and then click on “Add Method of Payment.” Then, you will be taken back to step 2, where you should scroll down and click “continue checkout.”
    Step 4: Click “process registration.” You will receive a message that your registration is being held for an approval and that additional paperwork is required. Until you get a confirmation e-mail from University College, or until you can see your courses listed on your schedule in WebSTAC, YOU ARE NOT REGISTERED IN THE COURSE(S), NOR IS A SEAT IN YOUR REQUESTED COURSE(S) “HELD” FOR YOU.
  12. Complete the Postdoc Tuition Assistance Form. Fill out all required fields completely per the instructions at the top of the form. Incomplete forms will be returned.
  13. Have the form signed by your supervisor and keep a copy for your records. Then send the original to the appropriate person at your school for approval, per the list at the top of the form.
  14. Your school contact will review your form and forward to University College if the class is approved. If the class is not approved, you will be contacted.
  15. Once University College receives your form and matches it to your online registration you will be sent an email confirming your registration in the class. YOU ARE NOT REGISTERED IN THE COURSE(S), NOR IS A SEAT IN YOUR REQUESTED COURSE(S) “HELD” FOR YOU UNTIL YOU RECEIVE THIS EMAIL.
  16. Please allow approximately five business days for your school’s contact and University College to process your form and registration. If you have not received a confirmation email from University College by this time, please contact your school’s representative to follow up.

IMPORTANT: All of the above steps should occur BEFORE the registration deadline as set by University College each semester to avoid late fees and ensure proper registration.

Note: The Student Accounting Office will apply the tuition benefit credit to your account. Depending upon when you registered, you may receive a bill before the credit appears. Please wait until the next month to see if the credit is applied. Additionally, for non-employee postdocs, tuition credits must be posted in the year they are applicable. Therefore if a non-employee postdoc registers for a spring semester course in November or December, the tuition credit will not post until January.

If you have questions about online registration or have trouble with the website, please contact University College at (314) 935-6700 and identify yourself as a postdoctoral appointee. If you have questions about approved classes or the tuition benefit, please contact the appropriate person at your school (per the list at the top of the form) or Human Resources.

Changes In Registration

Adding a Course: To add a course, go to ucollege.wustl.edu and follow all of the instructions above, including a new form for the new class. If the course has already met twice, the instructor’s written approval is required and a late fee applies.

Withdrawals: To withdraw from a class, go to ucollege.wustl.edu and login to modify your registration. Notifying the instructor or not attending class is not considered withdrawal and may result in a failing grade and/or the tuition benefit being revoked. If the benefit is withdrawn, you will be responsible for the paying the tuition costs.


Lab fees are non-refundable after the first class meeting. Washington University postdoctoral appointees will be billed according to the refund schedule. Refunds are calculated from the date on which the student completes a course change online. If you drop after the drop/add period, you will be charged the full tuition amount.

Short Courses: A full refund is issued if the student withdraws within 24 hours after the first class meeting. No refund is issued after this 24-hour period and postdocs who drop after this time will be required to pay the tuition costs.