Benefits-eligible postdoctoral appointees may take undergraduate classes at University College for career development purposes only with full tuition remission. Undergraduate classes are those that begin with the number 1, 2, 3, or 4, and a maximum of 4 credit units per semester is allowed. Books and fees are the responsibility of the student. This benefit is effective immediately, one year of service is not required. The appropriate form (below) must be filled out, signed by the faculty mentor and routed to the appropriate school contact for approval. Approved classes are those that promote the career development of a postdoctoral appointee, including English as a Second Language (ESL) program classes. For more information, please visit the ESL website. Classes that do not contribute to a postdoctoral appointee’s career will not be approved. Please be aware that the tuition cost may be taxable to a non-employee postdoc. Additionally, you must receive a passing grade in the class in order to receive the tuition benefit.

Postdoc Tuition Assistance Form

Postdoc Tuition Policy

UCollege Registration Instructions for Postdoctoral Appointees

Please contact Human Resources with questions related to the postdoc tuition benefit. 

University College sets a calendar for each semester setting registration and dropping deadlines. Registration and paperwork must be completed before the registration deadline (generally the week before classes begin) in order to avoid a late fee. It is also advisable to register early as some classes may fill up. (Summer classes are more flexible as there are multiple starting dates throughout the summer.) Please remember that when you register for a class, you are committing to attending and participating in that class. If you decide to drop the class, you must do so according to University College’s instructions and within their refund period, otherwise you will be responsible for the tuition costs. 

Voluntary English Test in Speaking, Listening and Writing – If you have been thinking of polishing your English communication skills, please consider contacting the ESL Program to schedule a consultation.