Program Manager
Office of Postdoctoral Affairs

Dr. Peter S. Myers has been at Washington University in St. Louis since 2014, first as a graduate student in the Movement Science Program, then as a postdoc in Neurology, and currently as the program manager for the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs. His work focuses on developing programming for postdocs that supports professional development, facilitates career planning, and enhances the postdoctoral experience at WashU. As an Equity Champion, Dr. Myers is a fierce advocate for underrepresented persons, with a focus on the intersections between race, LGBTQIA+ topics, and academia. Dr. Myers loves building community and is always happy to chat about any and all things over a cup of coffee.


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P.S. Myers, J.L. O’Donnell, J.J. Jackson, C.N. Lessov-Schlaggar, R.L. Miller, E.R. Foster, C. Cruchaga, B.A. Benitez, P.T. Kotzbauer, J.S. Perlmutter, & M.C. Campbell (2022). Proteinopathy and longitudinal cognitive decline in Parkinson disease. Neurology.

N. Abou-Ghali, J. Bratburd, P.S. Myers, M. Schroeder, & P. Upadhyay (2021). Building a Diverse and Equitable Biomedical Research Ecosystem. Your Say, A PLOS Blog.

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