Postdoctoral Appointments

University-wide, postdocs are appointed in the titles of Postdoctoral Research Scholar (non-employee status, paid by stipend) or Postdoctoral Research Associate (employee status, paid by salary). Training is limited to 5 years, including time spent in either title or at other institutions, but excludes clinical training. See also Postdoctoral Appointments for a comparison of titles.


Please note that adjustments to minimum compensation or stipends for Postdoctoral Research Associates and Postdoctoral Research Scholars planned for July 1, 2020 will be delayed until the University resumes normal operations. The current required minimum is $50,004 (same as WashU FY20 postdoc minimum).

For fiscal year 2021 (July 1, 2020-June 30, 2021), the minimum will be $52,704 (per year, defined as a 12-month period). This is only the required minimum. Individual compensation should be discussed with the appointing faculty member. It is recommended that postdocs be reviewed annually and given raises as appropriate (see current NIH NRSA Stipend Levels for guidance or contact the department / school administrator for information on compensation guidelines).

Annual Review

It is recommended that postdocs and their faculty advisor use the Annual Review Form to discuss progress annually. In addition, regular meetings to discuss research progress and professional development are highly beneficial.



The above policies include what to do when there is a conflict or issue during postdoc training. Postdocs can also access the confidential services of the Ombuds Office.

Training Completion

Postdocs must complete the Exit Surveys prior to the end of their appointment.

Human Resources has information summarizing benefits status when leaving the university.