Postdocs are expected to complete the 4-session series during their first year of employment at WashU.

Diversity, equity and inclusion leaders facilitate a series of four one-hour group training sessions exclusive for WashU postdoctoral appointees. This series introduces participants to the fundamentals of diversity education. Each session is designed to provide a greater understanding of:

  • What diversity means and how to define it
  • What aspects of diversity affect us (i.e., biases and prejudices)
  • How biases and prejudices manifest in our day-to-day thoughts and actions
  • How to recognize and mitigate biases and prejudices when we do encounter them

DEI 1.0 – Awareness

Examining Culture

Participants will increase their awareness of cultural diversity and gain an insight on how culture influences the workplace, campus, and clinical care. Participants will understand the impact of exclusion and the importance of being an ally.

Offered every February, May, August, and November

DEI 2.0 – Understanding

Examining Unconscious Bias

Participants will understand that unconscious bias is something that every individual holds and how it influences individuals on a daily basis. Participants will practice on tools for mitigating unconscious bias.

Offered every February, May, August, and November

DEI 3.0 – Commitment

Examining Language

Participants will learn the language to address discrimination without shaming others, but rather fostering inclusion. Participants will participate in activities that explore real life identities with interactive media and positive response techniques.

Offered every March, June, September, and December

DEI 4.0 – Action

Examining the Next Steps

Participants will gain the tools to proactively combat bias and prejudicial statements and behaviors on campus. Participants will identify the challenges and the opportunities to accomplish the diversity, equity and inclusion goals.

Offered every March, June, September, and December