September 18-22, 2023

Thank you, Postdocs!

National Postdoctoral Appreciation Week (NPAW) recognizes the significant contributions of postdoctoral trainees. Sponsored by the National Postdoctoral Association since 2009 and recognized by the U.S. House of Representatives in 2010, this week is filled with events taking place across the country in order to raise awareness and appreciation for the diverse accomplishments of the talented experts that make up the U.S. postdoctoral community.

NPAW at WashU

At WashU, this year’s NPAW Planning Committee includes members from the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, the WashU Postdoc Society, and the Postdoc Peer Mentorship Program. Together, they have planned a week of fun events in celebration of the amazing WashU postdocs!

Advertise NPAW events in your lab or office! Download flyers to print and circulate here.

Calendar of WashU events

Friday, September 15NPAW Kick-Off
WashU Night at the Ballpark
Limited number of free tickets available!

**Stay tuned for the September 4 Postdoc Update
for more information and to enter the raffle to win!
Monday, September 18Health Screening for Postdocs
9am-2pm, MCC 1404
Registration closed.

Roaming Conversation
Postdoc Walk & Talk
2:15 and 3:15pm, Bowles Plaza
Tuesday, September 19Ice Cream Paw-ty
12:30-1:30pm, CSRB Link
Wednesday, September 20Postdoc Headshots
11am-12pm and 2-3pm, Schoenberg Gallery
Register here.

Ice Cream Paw-ty

12:30-1:30pm, Schoenberg Gallery
Thursday, September 21Health Screening for Postdocs
12-4:30pm, DUC 276
Registration closed.

Roaming Conversation
Postdoc Walk & Talk
2:15 and 3:15pm, FLTC Atrium
Friday, September 22Postdoc Headshots
9am-1pm, FLTC Hearth
Register here.

Postdoc Pose Yoga
4:30-5:30pm, Olin Gym
Register here.

WashU Postdoc Society Pizza & Happy Hour
5:30-7pm, Shell Cafe


WashU postdocs are invited to spotlight their individual forms of creative expression! Maybe it’s an original song, a fine art photograph, or a piece of narrative fiction—we want all postdocs to share their talents with the WashU community.

Click on the Padlet below and sign in with your WUSTL key for submission and voting guidelines. The top three most popular artworks will be awarded a prize at the NPAW WUPS Social Hour Friday, September 22.

Are you a postdoc mentor? Show your appreciation!

Here are some ways you can celebrate the postdocs that bring invaluable expertise to your lab, department, or program!

Increase your postdoc’s salary

WashU requires that a postdoc makes at least a certain amount (currently, $56,880). Nothing says “I appreciate your work” the way a raise does! Take a moment to conduct a performance review (example review form), and while you’re at it, make this an annual check-in.

Check-in with your postdoc

It can be easy to assume someone is doing well because they’re doing great work. Check that assumption by asking your postdoc about topics other than their research progress .

Support their entire person, not just the amazing scholar they are!

Tell your whole social network

Show how much you appreciate your postdoc! Use #NPAW2023 and #WashUPostdocs.

Handwrite a Thank You note

Most people love a hand written note/letter! Take a few minutes to write a Thank You message onto paper and send it (via campus mail) or hand deliver it. If you don’t feel very creative, check this document for inspiration (not copy them!) on Thank You notes for your postdocs!

Redesign your digital spaces

Download a special desktop background, email signature graphic, and Zoom background to show your appreciation for postdocs throughout all of cyberspace.

Desktop Backgrounds | Email Signatures | Zoom Backgrounds

Say it with something yummy

Take your postdoc out for lunch or coffee (and leave work out of the conversation).