Benefits-eligible postdoctoral appointees may take undergraduate classes at University College with full tuition remission. The courses should be taken for the purpose of career development. Undergraduate classes are those that begin with the number 1, 2, 3, or 4, and a maximum of 4 credit units per semester is allowed. Books and fees are not covered by this benefit.

Registration and paperwork must be completed before the registration deadline (generally the week before classes begin) in order to avoid a late fee.

Tuition Assistance Policy

Here are some highlights:

  • This tuition benefit is effective as soon as the postdoctoral appointment start date (no minimum service time is required).
  • Courses that promote the career development of a postdoctoral appointee, including English language courses, qualify for the tuition assistance benefit. Courses that do not contribute to a postdoctoral appointee’s career development will not be approved.
  • You must receive a passing grade in the course. Otherwise, you will be subject to pay the full amount of the tuition costs.
  • Tuition assistance credit may be taxable to Postdoctoral Research Scholars.

Requesting the Tuition Assistance Benefit

  • Follow all the steps described in the UCollege Registration Instructions for Postdocs to register for a course offered by University College. Register before the registration deadline each semester to ensure proper registration and avoid late fees. It is also advisable to register early as some classes may fill up.
  • Fill out the Postdoc Tuition Assistance Request Form completely, including the required signatures.
  • Send your Postdoc Tuition Assistance Request Form to the OPA Program Manager, Dr. Peter Myers, at
  • The OPA will process your form and send it to University College. Expect five business days to receive a notification about your registration.
  • You will be notified if something does not look okay on your form.
  • Once University College receives your form and matches it to your online registration, you will be sent an email confirming your registration in the class.
  • IMPORTANT: You are not registered in the course nor is a seat held for you in your requested course until you receive this email.
  • If after registering you decide to drop the class, you must do so according to University College’s instructions and within their refund period, otherwise you will be responsible for the tuition costs.

English language courses

If you have been thinking of polishing your English communication skills, please consider contacting the English Language Program (ELP) to schedule a consultation. Courses offered by the ELP through University College qualify for the tuition assistance benefit.